November '18

 Pam Steinbock

Pam Steinbock  and her husband, Phil, moved to Lincoln Hills from Camarillo in 2012.  Pam has a son, Matthew Jonkey, and two granddaughters who live in Reno.   Pam’s careers included being a flight attendant for Continental Airlines, owning and
operating a cleaning service, Director of Sales for trade show companies, and as a real estate agent in Los Gatos, CA.   Pam’s interests are swimming, golf, tennis, bridge, and travel.  She’s looking forward to playing with the Lincsters.   
Welcome Pam!

October '18 

Shari Kiley

Shari and her husband moved to Lincoln Hills in Sept. 2013 from Granite Bay.  Before she retired, she had been a Special Education teacher for 20 plus years.  Shari has many interests and hobbies, including, golf, ping pong, Country Couples dancing, traveling, spending time with her kids, who live in the area, and going to the gym regularly.  Her two big passions are playing Bridge and pickle ball.  We're glad to have you join us too, Shari.

September '18 

Linda Mann

Linda moved to Lincoln Hills in March, 2017 from Dublin, CA.  In her "career life" she was an R.N. and Health Care Administrator for U.C.S.F. Kaiser Medical Center for 15 years.  Linda enjoys golf, travel and going to the gym.  We're glad to have you join the Lincsters too Linda. 

Michelle Carson

Michelle was raised in San Francisco, grew up and married her husband, Bruce, and resided in Burlingame for 30 years, where they raised their son.  They retired to Lincoln in 2013.  In her career, she worked as a Copy Editor for a National Advertising Agency and also spent many years as a volunteer at parochial schools.  She grew up playing golf and competing in tennis, and was introduced to Pickleball after arriving in Sun City.  She is now a volunteer for the Pickleball club, teaching beginners how to play.  Her interests include dancing, sewing, exercises classes, cooking and reading.  Michelle also enjoys many Game Groups here in Lincoln Hills.  She especially wants to thank Big Sister, Chris Negus, and friend, Judi Reich, for introducing her to golf..... as she says, "the Fun Way!"  We're delighted to have you in our club, Michelle.  

Colleen Connell

Colleen moved to Lincoln Hills in June 2016 from Palo Alto, CA.  Her work life consisted of being an R.N. with Kaiser for 25 years. Her hobbies and interests are golf, "Words With Friends", hiking, going to the gym, hanging out at her cabin in Tahoe and reading, to name a few.  Now she's added membership with the Lincsters, as well.  We welcome you, Colleen.

Judi Reich

Judi and her husband, Roger, moved to Lincoln Hills from Elk Grove in 2010.  Her degree was in Child Psychology but, her career was being a "stay-at-home" mom.  Her hobbies include golf, pickle ball and working out at the gym; she also enjoys musicals and plays and especially, visits with her grandkids in Eldorado Hills.  Her Big Sister is Fran Rivera.  We're glad to have you join us, Judi.

 August  '18

Shari Loyd

Shari and her husband, Jim, moved to Lincoln Hills in 2010 from Portola, CA.  They owned a number of Care Homes for children and adults with developmental disabilities for 20 years.  She enjoys reading, travel, visiting with her grandchildren in Virginia and Antelope, Ca. and golf.  She comes to us from the 18 Holers and we're glad she is joining us too.  We welcome you, Shari.

Brenda Cook

Brenda moved to Lincoln Hills in Oct. 2017 from Mt. Shasta, CA.  In her "work life" she and her husband owned a residential and commercial glass and paint store, which kept her busy for 27 years.  Her hobbies now are golf, pickleball, movies, traveling and taking care of her 5 year old granddaughter.  Meredith Nelson is Brenda's Big Sister and the one who encouraged her to join the Lincsters.  We're delighted to have you join us.  

Aileen Martinez

Aileen and her husband, Manuel, moved to Lincoln Hills in 2004 from Woodland, CA.  Her career was with PG&E for seventeen years in the Transmission Dept.  Her interests are golf, visiting with her grandkids, who are in college at Sac State, going to the gym, going out to dinner and movies, to name of few.  Cindy Atkinson is Aileen's Big Sister.  Welcome to the Lincsters, Aileen. 

 July  '18 

Marlene Anderson

Marlene moved to Lincoln Hills from San Jose, CA in November 2016.  Her career for forty years was at San Jose State University as bursar.  She was Director of Student Financial Services.  Some of her hobbies are golf, playing Hand and Foot, Mahjong, walking her dogs, movies and she loves all kinds of food.  Elfie Jenkins is her Big Sister.  Welcome to the Lincsters, Marlene.

June  '18

Donna Sosko

Donna moved to Lincoln Hills in 2006 from Alamo, CA.  She had a career in the travel industry.  First, she worked two years for Northwest Orient Airlines. She learned all the "background work" that is involved with an airline; checking in, ticketing, baggage check, etc.  After she learned all the "ins" and "outs", she went into sales for the whole travel industry for fifteen years.  She has many interests and belongs to a number of different clubs.  She's in the Bird Watching group, the Gardening club, a book club and enjoys playing Mahjong in a couple of groups and, of course, golf.  Marisue Flannigan is Donna's Big Sister. Welcome to the Lincsters! 

May  '18

Lee Jordan

Lee moved to L.H. in May 2001 from Concord, CA.  She had a couple of careers going at the same time.  She taught tennis at Concord Parks and Rec. Dept. for five years.  She coached Girls'Tennis for thirteen years and Boys'Tennis for one year at Ignacio Valley High School.  During that time, she also had a Catering Business.  She was a busy lady.  She still has many interests, including golf, tennis, playing Bridge, sewing, cooking, traveling and wine.  She is also involved in Project Linus, an organization that makes and gives handmade blankets to children in need in hospitals, foster care, homeless, or just going through a difficult time.  We welcome you, Lee, and thank you for your heart for children.

March  '18

Sue Spengler

Sue and her husband, Bob, moved to Lincoln Hills from Turlock, CA, in Dec. 2017.  She and her husband had been in the grocery industry for many years.  Her varied interests are, golf, walking, being in the Sports Car Club and enjoying their cabin in the Sierras, to name a few.  We are happy to have Sue join us, as well. 

January  '18

Sandy Braa

Sandy and her husband, Sylvan, moved to Lincoln Hills just over a year ago in November 2016.  They came from Atwater, CA.  Her work career involved teaching high school chemistry for 30 years.  Then, when she saw a need for teachers to understand more about technology, her job took a different direction.  She "vacated" the classroom, learned all about technology and became the Director of Technology for the Merced Unified School District.  Sandy enjoys travel, golf, exercise classes and cooking.  We're glad to have join us, Sandy.

Sue Cirerol

Sue moved to Lincoln Hills in Jan. of 2000 from San Jose, CA.  She worked for 28 years for the City of San Jose in Human Resources - Retirement.  Her hobbies include golf, playing bridge, billiards, cribbage and she also does cross stitching.  Sue comes to us from the 18 Holers and we welcome her to our club.

LaVerne Taylor

La Verne moved to Lincoln Hills in 2002 from Rocklin, CA.  Before that she lived in Arizona for five years.  She and her husband owned a shoe business called Taylor's Shoes in San Mateo and Serramonte for 20 + years, in which she did some of the administrative work.  She has three children, three grandchildren and three great grandchildren, most of whom live in the vicinity.  La Verne's interests are golf and reading.  She comes to us from the 18 Holers and we're glad she decided to join the Lincsters. 

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