Golfer of the Month - 2019



January - Flight A - Kate Gold

In her own words:

"I started playing golf on executive par 3's in Denver in the 1970s.  I became hooked on this crazy game and often would go back to a golf course in the afternoon to play by myself after a morning golf outing with my friends.  When I moved here in May, 2003, I had never played a regulation 18 hole course and was a bit daunted by the challenges of longer and more demanding holes.  While I did play Indian Creek and Antelope Greens a lot, I also played SCLHGC and other 18 hole courses.  I love that golf is a challenge of the individual against the golf course rather than the one-on-one nature of some other sports with the I win, you lose mind set.  I love playing different courses (I play in most of the PWGA play days).  I love that one doesn't have to be a super jock to play golf and have success at the game.  And, I love the shared fellowship that playing a round of golf provides, whether it's with a total stranger or one's best friends.  I am, in short, an unabashed golf addict." 

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