Lincoln Hills Lincsters Standing Rules Item Titles are followed with "(SR)"

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 Lincoln Hills Golf Course Local Practices Item Titles are followed with "(LP)"







Membership is open to Lincoln Hills lady residents who have an established 18-hole handicap (5 rounds of 18 holes or 10 rounds of 9 holes - posted within the past 2 years), has a gross maximum score of 65 or under; and attended the required Lincster Orientation Meeting. Their membership payment will be held until the new player has played up to 5 9-hole games on Wednesday Tournament Days with a Board Member to validate their course average.  If validated, the new member’s payment will be processed and their name will appear on the Lincsters roster the first of the following month.  If the new members score is not validated, the new member would not be able to join until their game improves to meet the minimum requirements. If a new or existing member’s score goes over 65, "five consecutive times", additional lessons will be recommended to help with troubled areas of play. If, after lessons, play does not improve, further options will be discussed. 


Spring, Summer and Fall Lincster Play Days are a Wednesday morning Shotgun start.   Winter play days have an afternoon shotgun start and begin and end on dates determined between the Lincster Board and the Pro Shop.  Please note that times may vary according to the Pro Shop requirements.

Nine-Hole Tournaments will be held weekly on Wednesdays. Sweeps will be awarded to current Lincster Members.  Most of the play days on Wednesday are tournaments; non-tournaments will be designated as such or "Casual Play." During tournaments, all strokes must be counted (including whiffs), mulligans are not allowed, and you must hole out (no gimmies). Two scorecards must be attested (signed) by all golf partners before turning in the scorecards. Your signature indicates your acceptance of all scores for your golf partners.  Scores should be posted on the same day that you have played and posting will be monitored by the Handicap Chairperson.

Lincster members may not use personal carts on Lincster days (including all tournaments we host). The Lincster organization is committed to promoting responsible stewardship of the golf course, reducing complications created by the unique travel issues for our play days, and fostering fellowship among the membership.

PWGA Handicaps will be used exclusively for all Lincster events and awards.


Sign up by Sunday noon prior to Play Day.  

Sign up on line at Under "Sign Up Information" Click on "Weekly Sign Up" or "FYOF Signup (Form Your Own Foursome)", select your name on the left side, check the month you are signing up for and click "continue," click on the dates you want to play in that month, Click "Yes" if you are done, then click on "Continue", click on "Submit". A message will appear saying "Thank you you’re signed up".  Note: Please do not sign anyone up for FYOF without confirming with them first. 

Weekly pairings are posted on the Lincster website.


If you need to cancel a date you signed up for, go to "Sign Up Information" and select "Cancel My Round" - enter your name and then enter the date you are cancelling - click on "Submit"


Always, always mark your balls! If you hit the wrong ball it is a two-stroke penalty. Identify your ball markings to your partners before playing. Also, identify your clubs; use address-type labels on clubs with name, address and telephone number.


Team shirts and team jackets are optional and are usually worn on FYOF, General Meeting Days, Lincster Tournament Days, outside activities when you represent the club, special events, etc. You will be supplied with a name tag to be worn on your home course and away when you represent our clubProper golf attire must be worn at all times. No denim or tank tops are allowed


You may pay by cash or credit card at the desk in the Pro Shop. If paying by check, make your check payable to "Lincoln Hills Golf Club".   Place your check in the range ball basket located at the counter near the Posting Computer. No further check-in is required when paying by check.


A putting contest is an optional weekly event. The fee is $1.00. You may sign up by initialing next to your name on the membership roster and placing your dollar in the designated bag located on the Lincster table located near the Posting Computer in the Pro Shop. Entering the Putt Pool must be declared before play begins.


Two scorecards will be placed in the cart for each foursome before play begins one for Sweep the other for Awards.  Be sure to record putts as indicated on "PUTT POOL" row of scorecard, for only those who have entered the contest. On the left section of scorecard indicate any pars, birdies and chip-ins accomplished in your foursome. Make sure pars, birdies, and chip-ins are recorded on both cards.  At the conclusion of play, make sure all four players agree with each total score and initial both cards where indicated. Once agreed, place both cards in the blue basket on the Lincster table in the Pro Shop Ladies Rest Room. If there are any disputes, DO NOT SIGN THE SCORE CARD. Take the card to the Pro Shop to settle the disputes. 


In stroke play, every stroke counts. You must hole out. However, if you pick up at any time before leaving the putting green, you are disqualified from winning any sweeps. If you pick up your ball, mark your scorecard with an "X" and note the most likely score for that hole and continue to play.  At this point, you are not eligible for sweeps and not playing within the rules of golf.  If a player is disqualified for breaking a rule, mark your scorecard with a “DQ” where there gross score is normally posted.

The practice of withdrawing from a round after playing 6 holes to avoid posting a score is considered “manipulating scores” and is not in the spirit of the handicap system or the Lincster spirit of play.

The following Rules of Golf apply but by doing so you are disqualified from winning any sweeps:

  • A player who starts, but does not complete a hole or is conceded a stroke (gimmes) must record for handicap purposes the most likely score.

  • Holes not played or not played under the Rules of Golf are scored as par plus any handicap strokes the player is entitled to receive on that hole. (Par + Pops) This score when recorded, should be preceded by an “X”


Disagreement in Play occurs when at least one golf partner does not agree with a score submitted by another golfer.  The disagreement should be pointed out before playing the next hole. Review each hit for that hole.  If a golfer returns a score for any hole lower than actually taken, she shall be disqualified (USGA Rule 6-6d) from that tournament.  IF YOU DISAGREE WITH A SCORE DO NOT SIGN THE SCORECARD.  REPORT THE DISAGREEMENT TO THE CAPTAIN.
If your score is disputed again, on 2 different play days, your name will be turned into the Captain.  each time.  The Captain and her appointed committee will then determine if you will be put on probation.


All players should arrive and check-in at the Pro Shop at least 30 minutes prior to tee time.  Pay fees, enter putting contest (optional) and be ready to leave the staging area 15 minutes before the shotgun time.


All teams tee off at the same time (SHOTGUN). Foursomes are stationed on each of the holes being used. Longer holes accommodate more than one foursome. These teams are designated as team A and team B with A teeing off before B.


PLAY READY GOLF at all times!! Maintain PACE OF PLAY!! Drive your cart to the nearest ball and have your club ready for your next shot. Usually, the driver drives and the passenger keep’s score. Mulligans or whiffs are NOT allowed. 

If a player scores two 10's in a round, on the third ten, she should pick up her ball and "X" the scorecard, then enter a score of “X” plus 10. She becomes ineligible for sweeps for that round. Any birdies, pars or chip-ins scored will be counted towards year end awards. You may now continue play. To maintain pace of play, wait until the next hole to record your scores.

  • Target - 2 hours 30 minutes for 9 holes

  • Always keep up with the group in front of you Par 3's -10 minutes; Par 4's -15 minutes; Par 5's - 20 minutes

  • Proper etiquette-slower group allows the group behind to play through at the first chance (exception for Lincster Tournament Play Days).

  • To keep the play moving along, a group may agree to play "out of order" or ready golf. If you are ready to play and others are not, hit up or putt out to save time if it is safe.


USGA Rules shall govern all play EXCEPT for the following local rules:

  • Play from RED tees

  • Winter rules will be announced if in play, mark, lift, place within 6 inches

  • GPS is allowed for distance only (may not use other functions such as wind speed, etc.) if even on the device, whether used or not, the penalty is disqualification.

  • Only two person in a foursome is to have their cell phone on (used for emergency situations only)

  • 90-degree cart rule applies, unless stated otherwise.

  • Staked trees, paved cart paths, ground under repair, sprinkler heads, french drains, bridges, relief must be taken, played as immovable obstructions. Mark ball where landed, take a stance, drop one club length, no nearer the hole, "no penalty".

Drop Zones

  • HOLE #3 ORCHARD: If tee shot goes in the native wetland area (inside fenced areas),1 STROKE PENALTY (hitting 3).  If any of the following shots go in the native wetland, use drop zone across the wetlands to the right of the bridge. 1 STROKE PENALTY.

  • HOLE #6 ORCHARD: If you hit in the native wetland area at the end of the fairway by the bridge, use drop zone after the bridge next to the left side of the cart path 1 STROKE PENALTY

  • HOLE #14 ORCHARD: If your shot goes in the creek, use drop zone on the other side of the creek. 1 STROKE PENALTY

Native Wetland Areas, Out of Bounds, Lost Ball

If your ball goes in the native wetland area (anything red or yellow), out of bounds (white) or is lost, take a stance from where the ball last went out of play, drop ball within two club-lengths, no nearer the hole. Do not climb over fences. All players in the foursome must agree as to where the ball went out of play. 1 STROKE PENALTY. OR if “Pace of Play” is not affected, play a ball as nearly as possible from the spot from which the original ball was last played. 1 STROKE PENALTY

Protection of Young Trees

Relief must be taken from any staked tree; play as immovable obstruction. Drop within one club-length no nearer the hole from the nearest point of relief.  NO PENALTY



The restrooms in the field are generally unlocked. Restrooms are located on the Orchards' #1, #6 and #13. On the Hills they are located on #6 and #12. In the spirit of Pace of Play, if only two golfers have to stop, have the other twosome go on ahead and tee off. 


  • Tee off within two club lengths behind the front edges of the tee markers. In stroke play you will incur a two-stroke penalty if outside of these guidelines, and must then play from within the proper area.

  • Partners: stand outside the tee box as she tees off. 

  • Hit a provisional ball if you think you might not be able to find your ball or it is out of bounds. You will be hitting three.

  • Do not hold up play by placing your clubs back in the bag after you hit; wait until next stop.

  • On the green: do NOT walk on someone else’s lie.

  •  It is okay to ask someone to mark their ball on the green.  If you hit someone else’s unmarked ball on the green it is a two stroke penalty.

  • Watch the ball of EVERY member of foursome not just your ball.


  1. Adhere to cart policies as dictated by the home course.

  2. When in the fairway the ball furthest from the hole typically hits first.  Ready golf is acceptable. All other players should have clubs ready for play.

  3. The player closest to the hole should tend for others and remove the flag when everyone is on.  When removing the flag, it should be placed perpendicular just off the green.  A 2-stroke penalty incurs if player hits flag stick.  The first player to putt out is to replace the flag.

  4. Mark your ball on the putting green ALWAYS; a 2-stroke penalty incurs if player hits a ball at rest; moved ball should be replaced to original position with no penalty.

  5. Limit searching for a lost ball to five minutes; however, to pick up the pace of play, be realistic and declare the ball lost within two minutes. Others in your group should hit before helping to look for the lost ball.

  6. Yardage markings are imbedded in the field. Electronic distance devises are allowed.


You must post your own score at the conclusion of play. This can be done in the Pro Shop or at home. The preferred practice is to post before you leave the Pro Shop.


If you post from home you have two options; 1) go to the Lincster website and click on "Post Your Score" at top of page or;  2) go to   

  1. Connect to by one of the above methods

  2. Click on "POST ONLINE" at the top of the page, Enter your GHIN number and the first 8 letters of your last name, then click on "Continue"

  3. On the “POST ONLINE” screen follow the directions for posting your score making sure you use the correct date.

  4. We do not use the "Tournament" category for any posting always select "Home" or "Away"

  5. Make sure that you post using the "Red #1 Old" category for ESC score for both the Hills and Orchard Courses.


Your account(s) will be audited by our own "Handicap Chair" to make sure you are posting, and posting correctly.


GHIN Reports will be generated on the 1st and 15th of each month. You will receive notice of the report in your email.  It is recommended that your print it out, as this is verification of your handicap for the previous month.


  • GHIN Reports will be e-mailed to you on the 1st and the 15th of each month

  • To update your e-mail address go to and click on "E-MAIL UPDATE" at the top of the page and follow the instructions.


A Handicap Index is the result of a mathematical calculation based on posted scores – It is an estimate of what a golfer might shoot on her best days.

A course handicap is determined by applying the player’s Handicap Index to the Course Handicap Table or using the Course Handicap Formula

  • Each golf club should have Course Handicap Tables posted in a public area

  • Multiply Handicap Index by Slope Rating of tees being played and divide by 113

Example: 18.2 Hdcp Index X 123 Slope Rating  =  2238.6 / 113 =  20  Course Handicap


Based on Handicap calculation the Equitable Stroke Control (ESC) keeps an exceptionally bad hole from changing your Handicap Index too much and sets a maximum number that a player can post on any hole depending on the player’s Course Handicap.

  • 10 is the maximum number of strokes that can be taken on any hole under ESC

  • There is no limit to the number of holes on which you can adjust your score for ESC

  • For handicap purposes, after each round you are required to adjust your hole scores (actual or probable) when they are higher than your maximum ESC number you can post.

  • There are 2 Tables one for 18 holes and one for 9 holes.  Be sure you use the correct table when determining your Equitable Stroke.

Nine-Hole Course

Your Handicap

Maximum Number on

Any Hole

4 or less

Double Bogey

5 through 9


10 through 14


15 through 19


20 or more



Eighteen-Hole Course

Your Handicap

Maximum Number on

Any Hole

9  or less

Double Bogey

10 through 19


20 through 29


30 through 39


40 or more




This insurance program is covered as part of your annual Lincster dues. If you get a hole in one on a Lincster play day, it is customary to buy everyone a drink in the Sports Bar. The hole in one insurance will cover the cost but coverage is limited to the number of current Lincsters members x $1.


During the winter, we will occasionally have frost delays or rain outs. You may make your own tee time if you chose to play on these days. YOU WILL BE NOTIFIED ON THE WEBSITE OF THESE CONDITIONS.


  1.      Determine your course handicap

  2.      Divide your course handicap by 9 or 18 depending on the number of holes being played

  3.      Give every hole that number of pops.  If there is a remainder find the lowest-numbered handicap hole(s) depending on which 9 holes you are playing.  Give that hole a pop and reduce your remainder by 1.  Continue "popping" in this manner until your remainder is zero; stop if you try to pop 4 on a par 3

Note:  a person playing 9 holes with a 27 course handicap, is entitled to take 3 handicap strokes (pops) on a par 3 hole.  They could not receive 4 handicap strokes on a par 3 hole.


Awards will be announced weekly on the Lincster website and at general meetings.  To be eligible for weekly awards, you must be a current member of Lincsters, have achieved the award during Lincster play day, be accompanied and attested by a Lincster member in your foursome, and have turned in a second scorecard on the same day of the event.

  • Given for the first time to break 40 or 50 for the first time as a Lincster

  • First Eagle as a Lincster

  • First Birdie of the year

  • First Chip-in of the year

  • Putting Contest

  • Closest to the Pin “CTTP”- On the designated par 3 CTTP hole, tee shots that find the green are measured for distance from the flagstick.  The member with the shortest distance records her name and distance on the staked card ONLY if it is less than any other distance logged on the card.  Note: Xing out (withdrawing) from play does NOT disqualify a member from winning CTTP.  

  • Golfer of the Month - awarded to the member who has the lowest net for three play days in one month in a designated flight.  Members are only eligible to win once per year.

You may pick up your Putt Pool winnings and award pins in the top drawer on the Lincster table located near the Posting Computer in the Pro Shop. 


Annual awards will be presented when appropriate. The award specifics will be determined each year by the Board.

To be eligible for the end of year annual awards you must meet all weekly eligibility requirements and play a minimum of 50 per cent play days in the calendar year that the award is presented.  The requirement for playing in the Club Championship is to play on 12 play days from September 1 of the previous year through August 31st of the year of the Club Championship.

Awards presented at the December Awards Luncheon for:

  • MOST IMPROVED GOLFER: awarded to the member who reduces her handicap the most during the year. 

  • HOLE IN ONE: sponsored by Lincoln Hills Golf Club.

  • CAPTAIN'S POINTS:  Points will be awarded each round to the 10 lowest net scores in descending order: 10, 9, 8, etc. These points will be accumulated through the year.  The Lincster player with the most points wins this award.

  • MOST DEDICATED LINCSTER: awarded to the Lincster member who has posted the most scores at Lincoln Hills Golf Club on Lincster Play days.

  • GOLDEN PUTTER: awarded to the Lincster who has won first place in the putting contest the most times throughout the year.

  • PAR/BIRDIE/EAGLE/CHIP-INS: awarded to the Lincsters who have scored the most of each on Lincster's Play day. First second and third places are awarded in each flight


Sweeps winnings will be sent to the Pro Shop (via an email) in a file created by the Lincster's (pairings & Sweeps) computer system. Winners will be posted weekly on the Lincster website.  Sweep money can be used for Pro Shop merchandise only.


Put your payment in an envelope, note the event on the front of the envelope and place in the grey box located on the wall to the left of the Posting Computer in the Pro Shop


  • BRING A FRIEND: an invitation to invite a non-Lincster for golf with a lunch to follow.

  • Lincster/XVIII CANCER TOURNAMENT:  a tournament to help raise funds for cancer, with alternating clubs hosting.

  • LINCSTER'S CLUB CHAMPIONSHIP:  You must have a handicap and have played at least 12 games on Lincster Play days. An award will be presented to the low gross participant at the conclusion of the two-day tournament.


1.   Once a prospective new Lincster member has submitted the application, a Big Sister will be identified.

2.   The role of the Big Sister from this point forward will be to help the new Lincster's member (Little Sister) to get comfortable with Lincsters, review rules of golf, and assist the new Lincster member to become an integral part of the Lincster's play days, meetings, and tournaments.

3.   The Big Sister will also provide assistance with posting golf scores.

4.   The Big Sister will look for opportunities to provide encouragement with the game of golf and find times other than the regular Lincster play days to play golf or socialize together.


General meetings, in March and in the fall.  Check the Lincster website for the date, location and time. We encourage attendance as they are very informative and a good time for meeting other members and socializing.


Our Golf Pros offer clinics and lessons on a regular basis. These can be very helpful for new golfers and when experiencing downturns in your game. Check with the Pro Shop for details


If you are recovering from an illness, surgery or physically challenged, you may take advantage of the executive option. You will play a shorter game by teeing off from an abbreviated tee box. On Par 3,100 yards out; Par 4,150 yards out; Par 5,200 yards out. However, you are not eligible for sweep money with this option. More information is available through the Membership Chairperson.


If you would like to play more golf during the month, watch for e-mails from “GAG” and the “Monday Mama’s”  or go to the Lincster Website and click on “Go Away Girls and Mamas” located on the top of the page for more information.



  • Know your own body and respond to any changes such as thirst, feeling shaky, nauseated or tired.

  • Let others in the group know that you are not feeling well.

  • Drink water, Gatorade, Propel etc.(at least an ounce of liquid per hole) to help stop the symptoms, use a spray bottle with water, ice or wet towels if available and/or get to shade to cool down.

  • Stop playing golf or sit out until you feel better.  The Pro Shop will come out and pick you up.  Calling the Pro Shop from a cell phone is best.  If not available, use the Emergency Button on the cart.

  • Agree to have two players in the group keep their cell phone on (turned down or on vibrate) ready to make a call to 911 should it be necessary.  One player call 911 and the other call the Pro Shop (543-9200 ext. 3) to let them know of the emergency.

IF AN EMERGENCY OCCURS:  Call 911 from a cell phone and give the following information:

  1. Give the phone number from which you are calling.

  2. Give the address and directions to find the victim.

  3. Describe the victim’s condition.

  4. Describe what happened; any symptoms leading up to that time or what help is being given.

  5. Give your name


Let the emergency person end the conversation.  They may have questions to ask and/or special information to give you about what you should do until help arrives.  Follow instruction given to you by the 911 operator.

FYI:  The Pro Shop does have an AED (Automatic External Defibrillator) and some of the employees are certified to use it should one be needed.

Disclaimer:  Our intent is not to dispense medical advice but to provide information that may be helpful should an emergency occur.  Please consult with your Dr. to gain their input.

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