She's baaaaack!  

Janet is returning to the Lincsters after a few years' absence.  She and her husband, Allen, moved to Lincoln Hills from San Carlos in 2002.  

Before she retired, Janet had worked for an international corporation doing event planning and had traveled extensively.  Some of her interests now are golf, boating and dogs.  

It's nice to have you join us again, Janet. 





Fran and her husband, Gary, moved to Lincoln Hills in 2003 from Belmont, Ca.  She worked as an RN in dialysis and retired from Mills Hospital in San Mateo.

She loves gardening, sewing, cooking and traveling to New Jersey to see her grandchildren.  Fran also keeps busy teaching National Mah-Jongg on Tuesday evenings at Orchard Creek. 

May Lyau is Fran's Big Sister.

We welcome you, Fran, to our club.



Sherrill moved to Lincoln Hills in November 1999 from Torrance, Ca. with her husband, Clifton. She worked in banking, holding numerous positions, until her retirement in 1999.

Her hobbies include golf, pickle ball, knitting and playing cards.  She was previously a member of the 18 Holers until a few years back and now we are glad to welcome her to the Lincsters.

Nice to have you, Sherrill 




Sara moved to Lincoln Hills in July 2013.  She moved from San Diego with her husband, Bill.  Sara started in 1968 as an elementary school teacher and taught for 20 years.  She loves to read, knit, golf, see her grandkids in Davis and her children in Davis and Monterey. 

Linda Coolidge is Sara's Big Sister. 

Nice to have you join us, Sara. 


Donna moved to Lincoln Hills in 2002 from San Jose, CA.  She has been a hairdresser for 40 years and now works part time.  Her interests are travel, country dancing, sewing and of course, golf. 

Phyllis Patrick is Donna's Big Sister. 

We welcome you to our club, Donna.



Diane and her husband, Douglas, moved to Lincoln Hills in 2005 from Millbrae, California.  She and Doug owned a distribution lumberyard in Brisbane and before that she was a dental assistant.

Diane's hobbies include golf, spending time with her grandkids and great grandkids, going to the theater, reading and doing charity work as a volunteer. 

Welcome and we look forward to golfing with you. 




Our newest member to begin this new year is Carmen Farrington.

Carmen moved to Lincoln Hills with her husband, John, in December, 2012. They moved from Palm Desert, CA.  Her work included being a cosmetologist for 20 + years.  Carmen enjoys golf, shopping for her new home, cycling, dance and she likes to go to the gym. 

Her Big Sister is Marnie Badgley. 

Glad to have you join us, Carmen..




Michele moved to Lincoln Hills with her husband, Mike, in July 2013 from Oceanside, CA.  She worked for Hewlett-Packard for 27 years as a Program Manager/ Procurement Specialist.  She was a substitute teacher for 5 years in Oceanside and also had a notary business for 5 years.  Michele enjoys quilting, reading, cycling, fishing and, of course, golf. 

Connie Stephens is Michele's Big Sister.  Glad to have you, Michele.


Kay moved to Lincoln Hills in 2008 from Lake Wildwood, CA.  Her career included working for General Motors for twelve and a half years in the Finance Dept.  Her hobbies are golf, playing Pinochle, reading and gardening. 

She has also been a member of the L.H. 18 Holers and the Turkey Creek 18 Holers. 

Welcome, Kay, to our club. 

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