Sandra Rushing

Sandra and her husband, Paul, moved to Lincoln Hills in May, 2000, from Lafayette, CA.  They moved here in the beginning stages of the community.  Sandra didn't have a "career" job but, was plenty busy being a "Domestic Engineer".  She has many interests that take up her time, such as, sewing, machine embroidery, playing Bridge and Mah Jongg, working out, live theater and reading.  She is also a member of the 18 Holers golf group but, comes to us to meet more ladies who love to play golf.  We definitely fit that bill.  So, welcome, Sandra.


Chris Jacobson

Chris moved to Lincoln Hills from Danville, CA in 2003.  She had a career for 20 years as a Dental Assist.  She took care of many of the dental office requirements.  Her hobbies include playing golf, playing Bridge, reading, playing pool and ping pong.  In fact, Chris loves all kinds of sports.  She comes to us from the L.H. 18 Holers.  Let's give her a warm Lincster welcome.

JUNE '17


Kathy McCuiston

Kathy moved to Lincoln Hills in March of 2017. She had lived in West Shores, CA for about a year and a half.  She has been an LVN for 7 years now and before that, a medical assistant for 15 years.  Before her work in the medical field, she worked as a travel agent.  Kathy loves to be involved in many activities, such as, golf, tennis, horseback riding, swimming, theater and movies.  She is also a watercolor artist.  She says she likes to try different activities and join many groups because she is very social and likes to meet new friends.  Her Big Sister is Cheryl Brindley.  We're glad you joined the Lincsters too, Kathy.  Welcome!


Judy Otis

Judy and her husband, Dave, moved to Lincoln Hills in November 2015.  They came from Windsor, CA.  Judy's artistic abilities served her well in her career as a caterer and party and event planner at a country club.  She was also owner of a "Curves" gym for two and a half years.  Judy stays in shape by going to the gym and swimming. Some of her other interests are various forms of art, cooking, reading and GOLF. Judy's Big Sister is Georgia Shipley.  We welcome you to the Lincsters, Judy. 


Kathi Carlock

Kathi and her husband, Nelson, moved to Lincoln Hills in March 2017 .  They moved from Tampa, Florida, where they had lived for 35 years.  In her work life, Kathi had been a Financial Analyst for Verizon for 28 years.  She enjoys golf, bowling, movies and travel.  Meredith Nelson is Kathi's Big Sister and she and Rany were instrumental in introducing Kathi to the Lincsters.  It's nice to have you join us, Kathi.



Laura Niles

Laura moved to Lincoln Hills in Aug of 2014 from Sacramento.  Her career was with the State Of California - Integrated Waste Mngmnt Board for 17 years as an inspector throughout the state.  She was also an air pollution specialist with the Air Resource Board for 9 years.  She retired in 2016 after 21 years in the Air Force (active and reserve) as a Flight Engineer.  Some of her interests are pickle ball, travel, audio books, working out (hiking) and last, but not least, golf.  Let's give Laura a warm welcome. 

    JANUARY '17 


Karen Bode

Karen comes to Lincoln Hills from San Jose, Ca.  She moved here with her husband, Bob, in July, 2016.  Her career was in teaching Elementary school for 7 years and after that she was in Property Management.  She enjoys Bridge, golf, the theater and traveling.  Our own Julie Storer is Karen's sister-in-law.  It's nice to have you in our club, Karen. 



Ingela Butters

Ingela and her husband, Chuck, moved to Lincoln Hills in June 2016.  She was an Interior Designer for 47 years, before retiring.  One of her personal projects was at the San Jose Country Club where she remodeled the lower level locker rooms, Grill and Family Area Dining.   Ingela's hobbies include reading, being in the Gardening Club, card playing, golf and cooking.  In fact, she was involved in a gourmet cooking group for 37 years.  Marcia Bush is her neighbor, as well as her "Big Sister".  We're glad to have you join us, Ingela. 



 Gay Gladden

Gay moved to L. H. in 2008 from Tennessee.  Prior to that she had lived in Bakersfield, CA, where she grew up.  She was a Jr. High teacher specializing in English, Reading and P.E.  After that she was the Jr. High principal for 22 years.  Her varied interests are playing Bridge, reading, walking, golf and watching her 11 and 12 year old granddaughters play soccer, among other things.  Gay comes to us from the 18 Holers.  We welcome you to our club.


 Elaine Hagan

Elaine moved from Roseville to Lincoln Hills in 2014.  Her career was in international logistics. She retired from Federal Civil Service working for the D.O.D./A.F. as a project manager for the installation of uninterruptable power systems. She did this job for six years, nationally and internationally, before retiring.  Elaine has varied interests including ballroom dancing, golf, being in the Singles club and she's a big sports fan.  She also loves music and volunteers at the Hot Jazz Festival and the Music Festival.  Her Big Sister is Nancy McDonald. Welcome to the Lincsters. 


 Susan Peterson

Susan moved to Lincoln Hills in 2003 from Merced, CA.  Her career was in teaching for 15 years in the Central Valley and then as a Principal for 17 years.  Some of her interests are golf, playing Pickle Ball, Bridge, reading and live theater.  She also enjoys her 9 grandchildren who live in the Bay Area.  Susan is  a member of the 18 Holers and we welcome her to the Lincsters, as well.. 


Judy Radman

Judy moved to Lincoln Hills in Dec. 2016 and is currently getting settled in.  In her "work life", she was an Exhibit Designer with many projects credited to her name.  She graduated from UCD in ARC engineering and Fine Arts.  Judy likes to travel, play golf, and is interested in trying all the new activities available here in L.H., to see which she likes the best.  Ranny Eckstrom is Judy's "Big Sister".  We're glad to have you join us too.

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