Connie Rocereto 

Connie was originally from Pleasanton, but, lived in Florida for the last 10 years, before moving to Lincoln Hills in Jan. 2016.  In the past, she also lived in Lake Wildwood, CA.  Her career for 16 years was a stay-at-home mom with four kids. After that, she was in real estate, assisting 2 brokers for 10 years.  She handled the rental properties for them, doing all the paperwork and bookkeeping.  Connie loves to golf, playing 3 to 4 times a week when she lived in Florida.  Now she wants to start playing golf here and meeting new ladies in our club.  She also loves to bowl, loves cards and games and loves to read.  Jane Steffes is Connie's Big Sister.  We do welcome you to our club, Connie.


Ann Beede

Ann Beede moved with her husband, Steve, to Lincoln Hills from Fair Oaks, CA in April, 2014.  Her career had been in real estate where she worked as a real estate broker and for 36 years as a real estate investor.  She enjoys activities such as travel, RVing and spending time with her family.  Ann has a son in Citrus Heights and a daughter and son-in-law in Orange County who have a 4 year old daughter and identical twin boys, 18 months old.  She also belongs to the Sports Car Club, the Garden Club and the Painters Club.  Sara Cannon is Ann's Big Sister.  It's nice to have you join our club too, Ann.

 JULY  '16

Sandy McShan

Sandy moved to Lincoln Hills in Nov. 2001 from Mill Valley.  Her career was in nursing; she was an R.N. in Orthopedics for 40 years.  Some of her interests are golfing, swimming and she likes to play Bridge.  Sandy was a previous member of the Lincsters and the 18 Holers.  We're glad to have you back with us again, Sandy, so welcome. 

Almara Meyers

Aymara Myers and her husband, Rick, moved to Lincoln Hills from Granite Bay in 2004.  She and her husband enjoyed their landscaping business for 30 years. Aymara  stays busy with pickle ball, golf, traveling, seeing her four grandchildren and was also a previous Lincster.  Welcome back, Aymara.

Joan Sprague

Joan Sprague moved from Redding, CA to Lincoln Hills April 21, 2016 with her husband, Leroy.  In her work life she was a Personnel Analyst for the County Office of Education for 14+ years.  Joan has numerous interests she enjoys; namely, golf, reading, theater, traveling and biking.  Nancy Dodgion is Joan's Big Sister.  It's nice to have you join our club, Joan.

 JUNE  '16 


Mallia Leonhard 

Mallia and her husband, Jim, moved to Lincoln Hills in 2010 from San Rafael.  In her past work life she was half owner of a Veterinary Hospital for 15 years and was a licensed A.H.T. ( Animal Health Technician).  She also owned two separate retail boutiques; one in Calistoga and one in Petaluma.  Mallia loves all things to do with COLOR.  She's a felting/fiber artist, makes jewelry, is a major gardener (she did the landscaping for their home) and, of course, now loves golf.  Suzy Lundberg is Mallia's Big Sister.  We're happy to have you join our club, Mallia.  


 MAY '16


Julie Storer
Julie and her husband, Ken, moved to Lincoln Hills from San Jose in July of 2015.  She was an elementary school teacher, primarily teaching third and fourth grade.  She was also a school administrator for 36 years.  Julie loves golf, traveling and reading.  She goes to the gym 3 times a week and takes a small class involving intensive training.  She and her husband also enjoy taking small weekend trips to the Wine Country.  Julie belongs to the 18 Holers but, wants meet more people and play more golf so she thought the Lincsters would be a perfect fit.  We think you'll be a great fit too Julie, and we welcome you to our club.


 MARCH  '16


 Chris Negus

Chris and her husband, Don, moved to Lincoln Hills from Danville in Aug of 2014.  In her working life she was an office manager for a mechanical contractor for 25 years. Chris and her husband were college sweethearts and he's still her #1 interest.  She also loves all things "Cat" and has been very involved in cat rehab and cat rescue.  Her other hobbies are reading and visiting family and friends in Newcastle, the Bay Area and Arizona.  She and her husband love the Giants and Warriors and never miss a game on T.V.  To use her own words, they are Crazed Fans!  We're glad  to have you in the Lincsters 


 Anne Kiley

Anne Kiley is here in Lincoln Hills only January through March.  The rest of the year she lives in Montana.  We hope to have her back with us again in November.  We're glad she was able to join us, at the suggestion of her son, even for a short time.  Anne's primary "work" career was being a stay-at-home mom.  Her main interests are family first, and then golf, playing Bridge, reading and outdoors hiking.  After March, we look forward to having you back again in November Anne, or sooner, if possible. 




Ranny Eckstrom 

Ranny moved to Lincoln Hills from Sacramento in Oct. 2015.  In her career she worked for 40 years as a Civil Engineer.  Her specialty was in the area of the environment and energy.  Ranny's many interests, now that she's retired, are golf, the Mac group, the Astronomy group, travel, history and science and she loves cats and dogs.  We welcome you to our club, Ranny.  


Lora Masche 

Lora moved first from San Jose, CA to Jackson and then in 2004 to Lincoln Hills.  In her work life she was a Licensed Vocational Nurse and after that a Respiratory Therapist for 20 years.  Her hobbies are golf, sewing and travel.  She's also interested in gardening and landscape.  She even landscaped her own yard and built a retaining wall, all by herself.  When I asked her how she did it, she said she just got a book and learned.  Wow.  We're delighted to have you in our club, Lora.  If we need anything built, we'll ask you first. 


    JANUARY '16 


Judy Josse

Judy moved from the San Jose area to Rocklin in 2002 and then with her husband, Paul, to Lincoln Hills in July 2015.  Her career was with Hewlett-Packard as an executive assistant in Marketing for eighteen years.  Judy loves to garden and is going to enjoy a "winter vegetable garden" in the raised garden bed that the previous owners of her house had built.  She also loves cooking, walking and visiting with her grandchildren.  She and her husband love attending sports events including Rivercats games, the Giants and Stanford games.  They recently attended the Standford/ULCA college football game.  Judy is really looking forward to playing golf and meeting all the ladies in Lincsters.  Michele Howard will be Judy's "Big Sister".  We welcome you, Judy.. 


Meredith Nelson

Meredith Nelson moved to Lincoln Hills from Sacramento in Oct, 2015.  In her "career life" she spent 25 years as a high school Special Ed teacher.  She has been an avid golfer for years and plays right-handed even though she's a left hander.  Her interests and hobbies are International travel, playing the guitar and ukulele, reading and golf, of course.  We are glad to welcome you into our club, Meredith. 



 Barbara Parsons

Barbara and her husband, David, moved from Oakland to Lincoln Hills in 2003.  In her work life, she was a sales rep for children's clothing for twenty five years.  Barbara's hobbies include walking five miles a day, golf, enjoying the cycling group, garden group and she's also in a book club.  We're glad she decided to add one more activity to her schedule and that was joining the Lincsters.  Her Big Sister is Kay McAdam.  We welcome you to our club, Barbara..


 Susie Rodgers

Susie and her husband, Rick, moved from Burlingame to Catta Verdera 10 years ago and then to Lincoln Hills in Feb 2015.  Her career was in public relations as she worked for a non-profit organization prior to having her family. She has done volunteer work in her church, school and community.  Her passion is being chairman of Friends of Placer County CASA (court appointed advocates).  She also loves to walk her grand dog, enjoys her grandchildren, swimming and golf, of course. Susie's Big Sister is Patty Alderete.  Let's welcome Susie to our Lincsters Club.. 


 Kim Schutz

Kim moved to Lincoln Hills with her husband, Larry, in March of 2015.  Prior to this, they had lived in Yuba City.  Her previous career was working for Caltrans as a project manager for 29 years.  Her interests are traveling with her husband and family, namely her sister and brother, who moved to Lincoln Hills from San Jose after she moved here.  She also enjoys visiting with her 2 grandchildren, ages four and almost 1 year.  Kim's family also consists of three children and two stepchildren, all who live locally, except for one.  Besides her family, Kim enjoys golf and we're glad she decided to join the Lincsters.  Her Big Sister is Angie Roy and now we welcome her to our "family".. 


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