Eva Del Torre 

Eva moved to Lincoln Hills in 2005 with her husband, Tom.  They moved from Novato, CA.  She worked for Farmers Insurance, as an agent, for about 40 years.  Eva likes to read; she likes novels especially and she likes to golf.  That's apparent in the way she can strike the ball.  Eva's Big Sister is Phyllis Patrick.  Let's all welcome her to our club. 




 JUNE  '15 


 Cheryl Brindley

Before moving to Lincoln Hills in 2002, Cheryl lived in San Carlos, CA.  Her career was in financial investments in management and sales.  She was a regional OPS manager for California and Nevada.  Her varied interests are gardening, reading, cooking, golf and she likes to try out new gourmet recipes. Yum!  Her Big Sister is Carmen Farrington.  We welcome you, Cheryl.



 Georgia Shipley

Georgia and her husband, Bill, moved from Walnut Creek, CA to Lincoln Hills in 2004.  She was an elementary school teacher working with all primary grades.  However, she spent most of the time teaching first and second grade.  Some of her hobbies include reading, golf, visiting her grandchildren in Clayton, CA and Virginia.  She also enjoys meeting new people, playing cards and gardening.  Georgia's Big Sister is Fran Rivera.  Let's all welcome Georgia to our group.


 Marisa Stone

Marisa moved to Lincoln Hills with her husband, David, in 2006 from the Oakland Hills.  She was a middle school history teacher for 14 years and before that, a journalist.  She and her husband have also had a lavender farm in Newcastle for the last five years.  Marisa's many interests include, playing bridge, golf, gardening and a love of reading.  Besides joining our club, she belongs to the Garden Club.  She has earned and holds the distinctive title, Master Gardener.  Marisue Flannigan is Marisa's Big Sister.  Welcome to our club, Marisa. 


 Jennifer Thuesen

Jennifer moved to Lincoln Hills in 2005.  She came from Napa Valley because she loved the "lifestyle" here and all the amenities.  In her "working life" she was a beauty consultant and make-up artist for 11 years at Saks.  Her interests are golf, of course, theater and going to movies.  She also belongs to ladies groups and a wine club.  Jennifer was a member of the 18 Holers in the past and decided she'd like to try the Lincsters.  Let's all make her feel welcome.. 


   MAY '15


 Madelyn Merola

Madelyn and her husband, Alexander, moved to Lincoln Hills in 2011 from Alameda, CA.  In her "past life" she was an elementary school teacher for 25 years.  Madelyn has a number of interests; golf, music, tap, reading, the outdoors, walking and cooking.  Joyce Bauer is Madelyn's Big Sister.  She also belongs to the 18 Holers so let's all give her a warm "Lincster" welcome.



                                                                   APRIL '15 


 Rosemary Hood

Before moving to Lincoln Hills in 2005, Rosemary lived in Castro Valley and Half Moon Bay.  Prior to retirement, she was the Executive Director for "Broadway By The Bay" musical theater company in San Mateo, CA.  Some of her hobbies are bridge, playing the ukulele, travel and golf.  She comes to us from the 18 Holers so let's all welcome her to our club. 


 Una Long

Una  moved to Lincoln Hills in 2005 after living in Castro Valley for 30 + years.  In her "career life" she was an entrepreneur investor working with property and apartments.  She enjoys golf, playing bridge, singing, guitar, playing the ukulele, cooking and reading.  She's a busy lady and we're glad she wants to join the Lincsters, after coming to us from the 18 Holers.  Welcome, Una. 





Merrilee Davidson 

Merrilee moved to Lincoln Hills from Roseville in June of 2013.  She is a semi-retired realtor but still active in her job.  Her hobbies are golf and skiing and she loves to dance, especially Country and Ballroom. Her Big Sister is Mary D'Agostini.  It's nice to have you join us, Merrilee. 





Joyce Hults 

Joyce moved to our community here in Lincoln Hills in 2003 from Auburn, with her husband, Ray.  She had lived prior to that in the Bay Area.  Joyce had been an Escrow officer and was also involved in computer training, as part of her career.  Her hobbies are golf, painting, cooking and she has done some remodeling and decorating in the past.  She joins us from the 18 Holers.  Let's all give her a warm welcome . 



Marti Berntsen 

Marti Berntsen and her husband, Randy, moved to Lincoln Hills on Nov. 1, 2001.  They came from San Jose, CA.  She was Captain of the Lincsters in 2006 so she'll definitely know some of our current Lincsters.  Her work career included being a Benefits Rep. for 7 years.  She enjoys golf, of course, as well as quilting and crocheting, making earthen ware ceramics, fishing and sewing for her grandchildren.  Let's all welcome Marti to our club.

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