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LADY GOLFER WHO HAS A CURRENT HANDICAP: Membership is open to Lincoln Hills lady residents who have a current PWGA/NCGA 18-hole handicap with scores posted within the past two years; have an average gross score of 65 or under for 9 holes or a score of 130 or under for 18 holes; and have attended the required Orientation Meeting.

LADY GOLFER WHO DOES NOT HAVE A CURRENT HANDICAP: If a prospective member does not have a current PWGA/NCGA 18-hole handicap, she must turn in five 18-hole scores or ten 9-hole scores, attested by another player; must play with a Lincster up to three 9-hole games on Weekly Playday Tournaments; have an average gross score of 65 or under; and must attend the required Orientation Meeting. Upon completion of these requirements, her name will appear on the Lincsters’ Roster the following month; sweeps and awards will be in effect; and her check will be processed. If requirements are not met, she would not be able to join until her game improves.

PROCEDURE: Submit this application, with your $79 check payable to “Lincsters” with your Handicap History. If you do not have a handicap, submit your attested scorecards. If all of the above requirements and qualifications are met, you will be on the Lincster Roster on the first day of the next month, and you will be eligible for awards, Lincster Weekly Playday Tournaments and Annual Tournaments. If you do not have a PWGA/NCGA GHIN #, one will be assigned to you. Mail or hand deliver all items to:   

                                          PAT SHAFER – 1935 Graeagle Lane, Lincoln, CA 95648  (916.408.7174)  

BIG SISTER: A “Big Sister” may be assigned to you during Orientation to familiarize you with the Lincster local rules and practices. PLAYDAY: In Spring, Summer and Fall, Lincsters’ Weekly Playday Tournaments are on Wednesday mornings; and during the Winter months, play is on Wednesday afternoons.

GENERAL MEETINGS: General meetings are held quarterly. Check the Lincster website for time and location. We encourage attendance, as they are very informative.

OPTIONS: As an active Lincster member, you can play in tournaments, PWGA events, “Go Away Lincsters” and “Monday Mama's”. You can also join WNHGA (Women’s Nine Hole Golf Assoc.).


GHIN #___________________  HANDICAP INDEX__________________  BIRTHDAY__________________                                                                                                                                                            Month/Day   NAME_______________________________________________________________________________________                                                           Last                                                                     First                                                 Spouse’s Name  



OTHER/PREVIOUS CLUB MEMBERSHIPS________________________BIG SISTER__________________                                                                                                                                                                                              (if applicable)

**For inclusion in Lincster Photo Gallery on Website, please mark with your initials:  YES______NO_____   

Revised 1/10/18                                                           


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