By Alyce Stanwood

Fall, 1999

Helen Lillemoen (Alyce Stanwood’s mother) played the first week the course opened and was paired up with another lady (Darlene Dyar, later to be in the 18 Holers) and two men (one who ended up being my next door neighbor!). As more people moved in, the demographics changed with more ladies playing.


Spring, 2000

The Pro Shop ultimately allowed the ladies to play together. At the time, there were only 9 holes on each course. We were called “LH Lady Niners”. The 18-Holers and 9ers played on the same day, Mondays, for over a year as “unorganized” groups. Sometimes the18-Holers caught up with us on the course and played through, which was not a positive situation for either group! We played golf and had lunch in the ballroom for $15 with about 20-9ers. Very casual, very fun. Original roster on the last page (to the best of my knowledge.)


Spring, 2001

Then, the Pro Shop increased the rates for everyone ($35 for nine holes, no lunch), so most everyone boycotted playing on Mondays. Jon Reur, General Manager, then asked a couple of nine holers what it would take to get us back; thus, $17.50 for nine holes. We began asking about organizing, and we were told absolutely NO NO NO!


Summer, 2002

Finally, in the summer of 2002, they started to listen to what we had to say. Thus, the very beginnings of the Lincsters; The catch: the Pro Staff controlled EVERYTHING we did. Nothing could happen without their approval. We HAD to buy our uniforms through them, our By-Laws had to be approved by them, etc. Jane White, 18-Holer, published first LH Ladies Newsletter in July 2002, which contained events/winnings/etc. for both groups. The newsletter was published monthly until the end of the year.


Monday, Sept. 9, 2002

First General Meeting (LH Ladies 9ers and 18 holers); Sports Pavilion; lunch provided by Sandwich Alley, $8.50. Clint Bassett (Assistant Pro) led the meeting discussing the probability of organizing under the direction of the Pro Shop. Meridians offered to provide lunch after golf days, $9.50 (including tax, tip and drink); we had to sign up before golf in the morning. 25 attended meeting, 37 played, 44 members at that point (9ers and 18 holers combined).



Monday, Oct. 14, 2002

     Second General Meeting; Sports Pavilion; lunch provided by Sandwich Alley; elections held: Alyce Stanwood, Captain; Edna Linville, Co-Captain; Joan Lindgren, Treasurer; Clare Clare and Elaine Hanson, Co-Tournament. Team shirt colors were discussed and modeled. 20 attended meeting, 25 played (9ers and 18 holers)


Monday, Nov. 4, 2002

     Third General Meeting; discussed opening a checking account for $125 made from the Roseville Home & Home (first tournament hosted; 18 Holers co-hosted); had to have By-Laws in order to open one so started working on one. Travel Group sign-ups: 8 Wednesday, 8 Thursday. Team colors voted on: butter & navy or bone & khaki, which won. Joyce Thomsen, appointed/approved as Awards Chair, need a co-chair. First putting contest, $1 each, voted to have every week. Madeleine Mooney, Rosemarie Donovan and Angie Roy tied for first, 17 putts, $5 each. Person with the most putts won a ball (will never do that again!).


Monday, Dec. 2, 2002

     Fourth General Meeting. By-Laws discussed and approved; however, they were basically developed and dictated by the Pro Staff before we voted. They were the ones who told us what we could and couldn’t do. Updated member roster, distributed. Budget approved. Joined WNHGA. Alyce Stanwood, Captain; Edna Linville, Co-Captain.


Monday, Jan. 6, 2003

     FIRST BOARD MEETING. Pro Shop paid for rosters. Collected $20 “donations”; received roster when paid donation. Campaigned to have a spot in the Compass; we were turned down because the Lincsters was not opened to males!


Monday, Jan. 13, 2003

     General Meeting. Two new members, Connie DeGroot and Marti Berntsen. Alyce and Helen Nadolski. embroidered names on left sleeve of wind shirt. Roma appointed Awards Co-Chair. See pg. 12 for eligibility of awards. Clare, Elaine and Joan yelled at us for slow pace of play! Speed up!!!!


Monday, Feb. 3, 2003

     Board Meeting. Liaison position dissolved because the Steering Committee was disbanded. Corporate Policies Report by the Pro Shop.


Monday, Feb. 10, 2003

     Voted to support the website newsletter. Budget approved. 18-Holers decided to become an organized group. We changed our playdays to Wednesdays, and the 18-Holers chose to play on Thursdays.



Barrington, Jeanine

Benemelis, Joyce

Bolton, Clareen**

Coffron, Julia

Clare, Clare

Donovan, Rosemarie

Free, Sarah

Hamer, Bobbi*

Hanson, Elaine

Hardcastle, Carol

Ichikawa, Roma

Jewett, Margie*

Johnson, Beverly

Lillemoen, Helen

Lindgren, Joan

Linville, Edna*

McMurray, Pat*

Mooney, Madeleine

Nadolski, Helen

Naragon, Judy*

Patrick, Gay

Paulson, Mary

Pharis, Sue**

Roy, Angie*

Smith, Marilyn*

Stanwood, Alyce*

Thomsen, Joyce



**18 Holer in 2002




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