Pops are what the small dots or checks placed on the score-card in each square are called which, when totaled, should add up to the
player's handicap allowance (handicap stroke! for a specified game.

The holes on a golf course are rated numerically from the hardest-to-par hole to the easiest-to-par hole. A hole with a rating of 1
is the hardest (handicap) hole and a hole with a rating of 18 is the easiest Generally, the odd numbers are used on the front nine
and the even numbers on the back nine.

The holes are rated separately for men and women and these figures are shown separately on the scorecard. This is denoted on the
scorecard on the line opposite "Handicap" immediately under "par (Ladies)". It is important to make sure that the correct ratings are
used when preparing a scorecard,  men's for the men and women's for the women

A handicap stroke is an equalizer and should be available on a hole where it most likely will be needed by the highest handicapped
player. Handicap strokes (pops) are allowed i ascending order starting with the hardest handicap holes first. If a player has a
handicap of 9 for nine holes, she will receive one pop on each hole because her handicap is equ to the number of holes.

When breaking ties for lowest net score between players of different handicaps by handicap hole, the handicap allowances for each
player for each hole must be taken into consideration. It is improper to compare just the gross score
Example: The player with the lowest net score is the winner.   If there is a tie, however, determine in advance which holes would be the tie
breakers. The player who has the lowest score for that designated hole would be the winner.

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