Golfer of the Month - 2017



November - Flight A - Kay McAdam

In her own words:

We moved from “The Club” in Roseville and bought our current home in June of 2009. Although the areas aren’t far apart there is a world of difference in scenery and community activities. I started golfing in my mid 50’s but hadn’t played for several years. I joined the Lincster’s in 2013. I have been fortunate enough to have made some truly good friends. The members of this golf club are the finest ladies that I have ever had the pleasure of playing golf with. Thank you for the honor of being November’s golfer of the month.

October - Flight D - Mary Mangum

In her own words:

 "I moved to Lincoln Hills in the summer of 2011 from Marin County after retiring from teaching.
When I moved here, I soon began taking group and private lessons in golf as I knew I wanted to learn the game and eventually become a Lincster. I love the activities that are available to us, and have met many wonderful friends along the way. However, my most favorite activity and challenge is golf.
  Thank you Lincsters for choosing me.  It is such an honor to be selected."

September - Flight C - Patty Alderete

In her own words:

"I was born in England, grew up in the bay area and then moved many times (mainly in in the Sierra foothills) due to my husband's job changes.  The last place we lived before Lincoln Hills was Los Banos....first time for sidewalks and paved streets in many years.  I taught mainly primary grades, but in Los Banos I worked for Merced College teaching developmental English and with a program in conjunction with Cal Works.  I basically started playing golf seriously (ha ha) when we moved here (2010).   Lincoln Hills is a great place and I love all the activities you can participate in, especially the Lincsters Club.  Thank you for choosing me as your September Golfer of the Month."

August - Flight D - Jane Steffes

In her own words:

"I started playing golf when I lived in the Bay Area.  I joined the 18-hole ladies group in Lincoln when I moved here and after ten years decided to switch to the Lincsters.  I enjoy the group so much and always look forward to play days as well as the special events we have throughout the year.  What a nice honor it is to be Golfer of the Month for August 2017."

July - Flight A - Kate Gold

A native Californian who grew up in the Bay Area, Kate moved to SCLH in 2003 after a 30-year hiatus in Illinois and Colorado.  She took up golf in Denver and played regularly during the summer when she had time off from her teaching job.  As soon as Kate moved here, she joined the singles' club and played regularly on their golf outings; she also participated in a couple of golf clinics offered by the pro shop.  Through these connections, she met some Lincsters who told her about the Lincsters' organization and its opportunities.   Convinced that this was a group she'd like to be a part of, Kate joined the Lincsters in 2004.

June - Flight B - Jeannine Wuschnig

In her own words:

"We moved here full time from San Jose in July 2005.  Moving here was the best decision we ever made.  The friendships and life-style could not be better.  I started playing golf with the Lincsters in 2007 and fell in love with the game and my new “sisters”.  The ladies here have taught me what true friendship means.  My other passions besides golfing are  knitting, bridge and my three precious grand-daughters.  Don’t get me started on talking about them.."

May - Flight C - Carmen Farrington

In her own words:

"I've been playing at golf for about twelve years. I've played with Lincster's for four years. We have the most outstanding bunch of ladies in our club. There's never a bad golf day because we have so much fun. Golfing is so enjoyable and I find it is so challenging. I always look forward to Wednesday with the Lincster's. I am so thrilled at being golfer of the month."

April - Flight B - Barbara Korenthal

In her own words:

"Thank you so much for making me golfer of the month. I started playing golf in the Bay Area about ten years before we moved to Lincoln Hills. I started playing at a nine hole course on the Pleasanton fairgrounds and then we joined Crow Canyon Country Club in Danville. But I was teaching at the time so I didn't play very much until we moved here in 2004. I immediately joined the Lincsters and made some very good friends. Thirteen years later these are still my good friends. I really enjoy playing with this group."

March - Flight C - Judy Josse

In her own words:

"I started playing golf 27 years ago when a good friend of mine gave me a new set of starter clubs for my birthday!  I have played off and on through the years.  Four years ago I decided to start in again and have been playing regularly since then.  When my husband and I moved here to SCLH, he encouraged me to join the Lincsters and I’m so happy I did.  I love the game, love all the Lincster ladies and look forward to many more years as a Lincster."

February - Flight D - Bev Johnson   


In her own words: 
"My husband introduced me to the game of golf over 50 years ago, but I did not start playing regularly until moving to Lincoln Hills in 2005.  I joined Lincsters about 10 years ago and have thoroughly enjoyed it.  The camaraderie and friendship is as important as the game for me.  I try to play every Wednesday.  When possible, I also like to join GAL or Monday Mamas.  Being a Lincster offers lots of opportunities to be outside with good friends, enjoying life." 


     January - Flight A - Elfie Jenkins   


Elfie is from Andong, South Korea, and came to the US in 1964.  She worked in the medical field and retired from Sutter Solano Medical Center in 2002.  She has been a member of Lincsters for eight years and is also very active in the St. Joseph annual golf tournament. 
In her own words: "Golf is a very rewarding game/sport.  It can aggravate you to no end, make you feel good all over, cause you to cry and cause you to celebrate.  I first started playing 30 years ago while living in Napa, only played a few times and did not take it seriously until we moved to Lincoln Hills in 2004.  Since then I have started playing, took some lessons from Steve Treadway and have been very lucky with my game.  Golf can be very relaxing, both physically and emotionally, it can put your mind at ease while giving you a workout.  I highly recommend the game to those who have never played and for those who do, to continue.".






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