Golfer of the Month - 2018



June - Flight B - Sharon Winslow

In her own words:

This is an unexpected honor since my game has not been very good over the last couple of years, but ONE really good day last month REALLY helped!  I've been playing golf since 2004 when I moved to SCLH, taking beginners lessons right away. I joined Lincsters a couple of years later when my game finally didn't completely embarrass me. This group makes every day of play a joy, whether I do well or not. I hope I am lucky enough to play many more years with this fabulous and friendly group of women.  Thank you all for this opportunity.

May - Flight C - Clareen Bolton

In her own words:

"In 2001 I joined the Ladies XVIII golf club. When they went from playing on Mondays to Thursdays in 2006 I had to quit since I already had a commitment on Thursdays.  So that's when I joined the Lincsters.  It was the best decision I ever made.  In the past 12 years I have enjoyed every player I have played with.  I have served as Secretary and Awards Co-Chair, as well as Chairing and working on various tournaments.  I count every day I can still be out there playing golf as a blessing."

April - Flight B - May Lyau

In her own words:

I decided to take up golf after retiring here to Lincoln Hills ten years ago and it has become one of my greatest "joys" in life.  The Lincsters and the game of golf have provided me an avenue to meet so many wonderful people and  make new friends, many of whom have become good friends.  I feel very fortunate to be able to live in a community like Lincoln Hills and am especially thankful to be apart of the Lincsters family.

March - Flight C - Bev Johnson

In her own words:

I moved to Lincoln Hills from Southern CA in March, 2005.  It took me a couple of years to get the confidence to join the Lincsters.  It has been a wonderful experience.  I always look forward to Wednesday because no matter how bad “golf” goes, there are always lots laughs to be shared. My philosophy for my golf game now is to enjoy being outdoors with Lincsters friends and to try not to stress too much about  the quality of my game.


                 February - Flight D - Kathi Carlock

In her own words:

"I moved here in March of 2016 from Florida.  It wasn’t until I moved here that I started to golf on a regular basis.  I am so glad that I joined the Lincsters as everyone is so nice and supportive.  I really enjoy playing the game now and the companionship."  

January - Flight A - Connie Rocerto

 In her own words:

"I am a Philly girl who moved around with my husband.  We spent 10 yrs in Lake Wildwood.  Then 10 yrs in The Villages, Florida.  I moved here in January 2016. I like the Lincster Ladies.  They make you feel welcome right away.  I love playing golf and also enjoy bowling.  Thank you for making me Golfer of the Month January 2018!

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