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Flight A - Ranny Eckstrom

Ranny Eckstrom

In Ranny's own words:
"Why did I move to Lincoln Hills a year ago? To join the
Lincsters of course!  And have lots of other kids my own 
 age to play with!  After working as a Civil Engineer with
the state of California in Sacramento and Lake Tahoe for 
over 35 years, it was playtime, and Lincoln Hills was the
perfect place to play!  We even had an artificial turf
putting green installed in the back yard.  This year, my 
first, I even acquired the coveted Lincsters Green Jacket
by winning the Club Championship. What a thrill!

Other activities include PickleBall, Astronomy Group,
Apple User Group, dog walking, travel and leading a Big 
History (the history of everything) Seminar for the 
Renaissance Society (learning in retirement) at CSUS,
and marshaling at professional golf tournaments.  My
partner, Meridith, and i adopted two kids, now adults. 
They and their 3 grandkids live within an hours drive of 
home here in SCLH. A third grown-up foster child and
her 5 kids also live in Sacramento.  Life here is full and

Congratulations Ranny on your excellent golf!


Flight B - Margie Jewett 


Margie Jewett

Margie retired from the Division of Recycling in 2002 after 35 years with the State of California. She and her husband Larry moved to Lincoln Hills in August of that year. Margie joined the Lincsters in November and has never looked back!   She is so grateful for the Lincster friends she has met and the way the club embraced this “newby” who had never belonged to a club or established a handicap. She has been active in “giving back” by organizing two successful silent auctions, a night golf tournament and three years as awards chair. Currently she is in charge of the Monday Mamas - a job she admits she is motivated to do because of her desire to have someone to play golf with on Mondays. Thanks to the Lincsters website, she is able to do her Mama duties from wherever in the United States she may be at any given time. She and Larry love RV’ing and have been across the United States three times and have traveled to Canada. They figure they have at least “dragged their tires” across nearly all the states!

Congratulations Margie on your good golfing!   



Flight D - Mary Mangum

Mary Mangum

Congratulations Mary Mangum for being the Lincster’s Golfer of the month for September! Mary grew up in Moberly, Mo. near Columbia, Mo.  She went on to college in Boulder, Colorado and after graduation moved to San Francisco, CA.  She began her teaching career at that time with a special interest in Arts & Crafts. Mary ended up in a Middle School in Lucas Valley where she lived for 29 years.  Mary moved to SCLH 4 years ago and started golf lessons both group and individually.  She made many friends that shared her passion for the game of golf!. Mary feels being asked to join the Lincsters  was a dream come true!  Her other interests include reading, gardening, caring for her home, taking long walks, and any class that sound interesting! She remains a ‘Golden Buff” fan and attends many alum  functions in San Francisco!  Mary’s  son , daughter-in-law, and nearly two year old  granddaughter are nearby in Truckee, CA. so she is able to see them frequently!
Mary says she is truly honored to be chosen golfer of the month and that it  motivates her to continue
to  improve her game!


Flight A - Kate Gold 
 Flight C - Charlotte Raifaisen 

Kate Gold

 A native Californian who grew up in the East Bay, Kate moved to SCLH in May, 2003 after a thirty-one year hiatus out of state, mostly in Denver.  She spent her entire professional career as a high school English teacher after her graduation from San Francisco State.  In Denver, Kate started playing golf.  But it was not until she moved here that she began playing regulation 18-hole courses, frequently with the singles group and with other people whom she met at SCLHGC golf clinics. Through these contacts, she met many Lincsters and joined the the Lincsters in 2004.  She currently serves as the “starter” on Wednesday play days.   Thank you for all the organization you provide us with Kate and Congratulations on your great golf !
Charlotte Raifaisen
In Charlotte's own words:

I moved to Lincoln Hills in May 2001 from Carmichael and retired that June from the San Juan Unified School District where I had worked as a middle school teacher for 22 years.  Being an avid tennis player for years, one of the first things I did, even with many unpacked boxes in the garage, was to join the tennis group at the Sports Pavilion. . When knee problems forced me to give tennis up a few years later I took my first golf lesson through Sierra College and finally understood why so many people spent so much time trying to hit that little white ball into a cup.  After more lessons and lots of practice, I joined the Lincsters in 2008.

I have met so many wonderful people and have formed many long lasting friendships through our nine hole group and am so thankful to live in a community with two golf courses and all the other amenities we have.  I love being outdoors, being active and the challenge of trying to improve my golf skills. I also enjoy reading, playing cards, and being involved with my church. My greatest pleasure though comes from my one and only grandchild, Abigail, 13, who lives nearby in Fair Oaks.



July - Flight D - Judy Josse 
After taking an early retirement package from Hewlett-Packard in 2002, Judy and her husband Paul moved from the San Jose/Palo Alto area to Rocklin.  After living in Rocklin for 12 years, they decided to downsize to a smaller home, which led them here to Sun City Lincoln Hills.  They are thrilled to be here !   Judy says they both are still in awe of the place and feel it is like living a resort.  Judy took up golf in 1989 and has played off and on ever since.  In the last three years she has played often and is in love with the game!  When Judy is not playing golf, she and Paul enjoy spending time with their three children, four grand children, and their sweet poodle “Maddie”. Judy is very happy to be part of the Lincsters and states she is truly honored to be chosen Golfer of the Month for July!

        Congratulations Judy on your good golfing!

June - Flight B - May Lyau 
May and her husband Bruce bought their home in
Lincoln Hills 12 years ago.  This was shortly after her
retirement and permanent move out of San Mateo 6
years ago.  May at that time decided to take up golf and has been enjoying the game ever since!  May joined the Lincsters 4 years ago with the encouragement of her neighbor and Lincster "Big Sister", Jeannine Wuschnig.  For 2 years May helped with the Lincster Historian duties and presently helps with Pairings and Sweeps.  She loves living here in Lincoln Hills and has made many wonderful friends. In addition to golf, May enjoys playing mahjong, hand and foot, knitting, reading, and her osteo-yoga class. She and Bruce have two sons, Brian and Jeff.  They also enjoy being able to see their grandson, Brandon, frequently and attend his basketball and baseball games and he taekwondo events in El Dorado Hills.

Congratulations, May, on June's great golfing!

   May - Flight C - Carmen Farrington


In Carmen's own words: 

"I moved here in Dec.2012 from Palm Desert where I played and lived on a golf course.
Upon moving to Lincoln Hills my husband and I were paired up with Nancy McDonald and her friend one day and learned of the Lincsters. As a result I joined and have not looked back. What a delightful organization. I enjoy all the ladies, the camaraderie and the Wednesday play days.

I also love the scenic views of Lincoln Hills during my walks in the neighborhood and enjoy our home and visits from our children and families." 

Congratulations  Carmen on your continuing great golfing!


  April - Flight B - Jeannine Wuschnig


Our Golfer of the Month for April is Jeannine Wuschnig in Flight B. Jeannine moved to Lincoln Hills in June 2005, when she retired after 18 years as secretary at Monta Vista High School, in Cupertino, California.  When Jeannine and her husband, George, moved here she knew she needed to get involved and so began taking  golf lessons and then joined the Lincsters in 2007.
Jeannine has two children (a son and a daughter) and three precious grand-daughters who are the love of her life! 
In addition to loving the game of golf, she also enjoys knitting, gardening, playing Mah Jongg, Bridge and Hand & Foot.  In her spare time she enjoys reading and an occasional glass of Chardonnay.  Have one now Jeannine to celebrate!

Congratulations Jeannine on you great golfing! 



  March - Flight C - Pat Shafer


In Pat's own words:

I have been golfing, casually since 2005 and then in my first club, The Lincsters, since 2012. I wanted to learn to golf for many years but, work got in the way. After retirement, when a friend here in L.H. asked me to be in a tournament with her I said yes, but, didn't have a handicap. So she said, "Join a club and GET a handicap" and that's just what I did. I have loved being part of the Lincsters organization and, as Membership Chair, I've had the privilege of meeting many wonderful ladies, sharing with them the great group we have and encouraging them to get involved. I LOVE the game of golf and the challenge it presents. I always say, tongue in cheek, it's the game we LOVE to HATE!  I'm always trying to improve but REALLY just enjoying the journey along the way. 


February - Flight D - Carole Cain


Carole had the low net score in D flight in February.  She played every play day and won sweeps each time.  Her game is consistently improving.

Her second job, co-chair of the Awards Committee, keeps her always there managing the putt pool, checking and recording scores, posting and distributing awards.  It’s a demanding job, and we all appreciate it when we get those envelopes with money or pins in them.

Carole Joined the Lincsters in 2010, and this is her second year co-chairing the Awards Committee and serving on the Board.

Congratulations and thanks, Carole! 


     January - Flight A - Sue Pharis   


Our Golfer of the Month for January, 2016 is Sue Pharis in Flight A.  Sue describes herself as a native Californian. She was born in Sacramento, graduated high school in San Leandro, and graduated from the University of California at Davis. Sue has lived in Illinois, Washington State and Oregon as well as California.  She moved to Lincoln from Modesto in 2002 where she had been a fifth grade teacher.  Her first exposure to golf was playing along side her dad as a teenager.  Sue says she did not start playing golf regularly until after she had retired.

Sue has two daughters and five grandchildren who all live in the Pacific Northwest.  In addition to being a golfer, Sue is an avid quilter, and has taught quilting, sold pieces, and has entered local and international shows where she has won awards. Sue also enjoys reading, walking and hiking, playing silly games on the computer, travel and theater. Sue is also invaluable as our Lincster Publicity Chairperson.  We all appreciate her work. Thank you Sue and Congratulations on your great golfing!


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