Golfer of the Month



 November - Flight C  - Marcia Bush 


Marcia has enjoyed being a Lincster for the past 10 years. She has served the club in several capacities including Breast Cancer Tournament Chair, Club Tournament Chair, Co-Captain, Captain, and PWGA Representative. 

 Marcia retired from education where she was a business teacher, teacher educator, administrator, and Regional Supervisor for the California State Department of Education.
 Marcia moved here to Lincoln Hills from San Jose and thoroughly enjoys all our community has to offer.

Congratulations, Marcia!  

Thank you for all your service to the Lincsters. 


  October - Flight B  - Marie Bossert


Marie worked for Kaiser Permanente for 30 years in the Bay Area and in 2000 she and her husband moved to Lincoln Hills.  Marie says she played golf off and on over the years but really started to take it seriously when she joined the Lincsters.  Marie was Captain of the Lincsters in 2008 and most recently has been Tournament Chair these past few years. Marie says "one more year" as Tournament Chair and then time for another Lincster to enjoy the rewards of this position.  Marie says she sees her position as a "guidance counselor" to the Lincsters that volunteer to chair our yearly tournaments and it is a fun and extremely rewarding position! Marie is also a member of WNHGA and enjoys playing in those tournaments too.  Besides golf Marie keeps busy with neighborhood card groups, Mah Jongg, book club, pilates reformer, and is president of her local PEO Chapter that supports educational opportunities for women.  Marie says she felt extremely blessed to be a "Lincster" when her husband passed away 5 years ago and their support and friendship during that difficult time will never be forgotten.

Congratulations on your great golfing in October! 


  September - Flight A  - Linda Salmon


September was a good month for Linda.  She won the Club Championship on the 16th, WNHGA’s Tournament of Champions on the 17th, and became the Golfer of the Month in Flight A by the end of the month.  Everyone who has played with Linda knows she is a good player and likes to have fun.

Linda started playing golf in the 70’s when she was living in the Bay Area.  She and her husband Glen, played as much as they could on the weekends, when they could secure a tee time.  Eventually they joined a golf group who played once a month at many of the Bay Area and Northern California golf courses.  Linda says she did not really have formal lessons, but often had the opportunity to play with a few of her GM colleagues and Glen’s co-workers, who were excellent golfers, and gave her pointers and helped her improve her game.  They probably saw her potential and determination.  Since moving to Lincoln Hills she has taken a couple lessons from Steve to work out some kinks.

Linda and Glen moved to Lincoln Hills in 2004 to live near their daughter and two granddaughters who live in Rocklin and family residing in the Yuba City and Sacramento area.  In 2006 Linda joined the Eighteen Hole Ladies group and played with them for a year.  Ann Diddy invited her to play as a guest with the Lincsters.  She really enjoyed the group and quickly joined.  Shortly after becoming a Lincster, she joined WNHGA and enjoys playing in the Invitation’s, Opens and Team Play.  Now she plays at least twice a week including playing with the Go Away Ladies and the Monday Mamas.  She has been the Lincsters’ Handicap Chair for at least five years now.  That is a very big job.  Congratulations, Linda.  


 August - Flight D  - Linda Coolidge


Linda took her first golf lessons at Ohio State University during a winter quarter PE course in the early 1960’s.  She remembers trudging through the snow to the lessons where she hit balls into a net at an indoor facility  She bought a  starter set on sale for $35, and dabbled a little at golf but life got in the way and there was no time for golf.  In 1996 Linda knew retirement was getting close and that she wanted an outdoor sport that she could play as she aged.  She took lessons  this time with the San Mateo Park and Rec Dept. where she hit balls into a net again but this time at an outdoor facility. In 1997 The Girlie Golf Group was formed by Linda and three friends, two of whom were also teachers.  They played two times a week all summer at courses all over the Bay Area for the next ten years. They now meet once or twice a year in Fairfield to play together.
For 32 years Linda taught middle school in San Carlos. When she took early retirement she had planned to stay in San Mateo, until she and Jack found out they were to become grandparents in April 2007.  Their daughter and son in law had been married at the SCLH Amphitheater and live in Roseville. This seemed to be the perfect fit for them. Linda and Jack wanted to be active grandparents so they moved here in July 2007.  Linda joined the Lincsters in 2008 and loves the warm and welcoming ladies in our group.  She is a happy lady who gets to babysit Tuesdays and Thursdays, and play golf with the Lincsters Mondays and Wednesdays. Linda feels the move for both she and Jack was better than either of them ever expected!  Congratulations on your golf Linda! 


  August - Flight B  - Merrilee Davidson


When Merrilee joined the Lincsters in 2013 she earned her place in the B flight, and consistently scores in the 50s.  She was quite surprised to hear she was the top of her flight with the best low net score of 105 in August. (Computer uses the best three scores in the Month.) She continues her job as a real estate agent with Lyon Real Estate, Roseville, and plays golf as often as she can.  Her main goal in life is becoming a Grandmother.  Her son, Corky & daughter in law, Keliah, who reside in Sandy, Utah, have promised this as soon as possible.  Merrilee also plays bridge, skis, rides a bike and loves to dance Country and Ballroom. She is a serious golfer who follows the rules but likes to have a good time with all the nice people in the Lincsters. Congratulations, Merrilee!  Hope you get that Closest to the Pin award soon. 



 July - Flight A  - Jan Varin
After 28 years as a real estate broker in the Danville and Alamo area, Jan retired in 2004 and moved to SCLH with her husband Michael. They originally planned to retire in Georgetown where they own a 40 acre ranch, but began to question the lack of medical facilities nearby. On a trip up there one day, they followed Del Webb’s billboards to SCLH & the rest is history! Jan and Michael are very thankful that their 5 children, 14 grandchildren & 3 great grandsons all live within 2 hrs. of here!
Jan says she grew up in a midwest family of musicians, loves music, sings and plays the piano. Until 2 years ago she sang in the Placer Pops Chorale and went on their European tours with them. She is also active in the Centerpoint Church in Roseville and sings in their choir.
Jan states her golf was sporadic since college but when she retired she decided to get serious about it and then took some lessons. She was surprised and delighted to win in the 2012 Lincster Club Championship! Jan says she has made some wonderful friends in the Lincsters and would encourage anyone to join this very welcoming club. She looks at SCLH as a “DisneyWorld” for adults. Congratulations Jan on being our Golfer of the Month for July! WAY TO GO


June - Flight D - Carole Cain
Carole tackles her goals with enthusiasm. She moved to SCLH in 2008 and  began playing with the Lincsters in 2010.  She has taken several lessons from Steve Treadway and is determined to continue to improve her game!  Carole considered golf a vacation activity only before retiring from her job and moving  here.  Last year she was asked to be the Awards Co-Chair and readily accepted the position!  After successfully recruiting Ruth Pennington to fill the other half of the position, she dove right in and learned the responsibilities from Kay and Bev.  She comes early every Wednesday to place awards in the carts , make the Putt Pool signup available for all the players, and follows through with the after game responsibilities without complaint. Along the way it benefited her game too.  She played everyday she could and became more aware of the little goals of the game.  In the month of June she had the lowest net scores in D Flight and became the Golfer of the Month.  Congratulations, Carole!

May - Flight C - Clareen Bolton  


Congratulations to Clareen Bolton, our May GOTM for Flight C!  
Clareen's two greatest passions "after"her family of five children, eighteen grand children and seven great-grandchildren are golf and quilting.  She is very active in Needle Arts Community Service and is looking forward to presenting 3 quilts of valor this year to the local veteran amputees at the next Patriots Honor Golf Tournament which supports wounded veterans out of Beale Air Force Base.
Clareen has been a member of the Lincsters for many years and is also a member of WNHGA.  She has served as secretary, awards co-chair, and tournament chair.  Clareen also enjoys playing with the Monday Mamas.  Her caring friendships with so many of the Lincsters is a big plus to our group of ladies! Keep up your great putting skills Clareen! 


April - Flight D - Ruth Pennington


Ruth Pennington has lived in SCLH since 2001.  She had not played golf prior to moving to Lincoln, but joined the Lincsters in 2005.  Ruth also enjoys playing golf with the Singles Group at different courses in the area.  She describes herself as hooked on the game and compares it to going to the casino.  A little win keeps you coming back !!

Ruth feels the greatest thing about golf is that it is neither a solo sport like skiing or swimming, nor is it exactly a team sport where others are depending on you for a win.  Golf for Ruth and many of us is an activity where talking is not necessary, but we watch, learn, laugh and enjoy each other.  Ruth states that the Lincster ladies have been wonderful to her and she was delighted to be asked to serve as Co-Awards Chair with Carole Cain.
Thank you, Ruth, and congratulations on good golfing! 


  March - Flight A - Elfie Jenkins


Our Golfer of the Month for March is Elfie Jenkins in Flight A.  Elfie and her husband, Dave, moved to Lincoln Hills in March, 2004 to be near their grandchildren. Elfie had lived a busy life in Vallejo and Napa, raising three children and working in Sutter Hospital.   She was never interested in playing golf.
So what happened to change her into one of the most consistent and skilled Lincsters?
Her daughter married the son of a Golf Pro-- none other than our Steve Treadway.  So she became interested and took lessons from Steve in 2007. She played the required games to get a handicap and joined the Lincsters in 2008. She plays almost every Wednesday, as well as with the Monday Mamas and the Go Away Ladies on their days. Her scores are very consistent; she scored 49 seven times this year.
When I asked if she had a picture for the website, she said they took one when she got a Hole in One.

Oh, when was that? November, 2014 on Hole 11 on the Orchard.  Congratulations, Elfie. 


February - Flight C - Kay Howard 


Congratulations to Kay Howard, Golfer of the Month for February, Flight C.
In addition to playing regularly on our Wednesday play days, Kay occasionally plays with the Go Away Gals and Monday Mama's.  She feels that the friendships within the Lincster's group is an important part of the fun golf experience.   
Aside from golf Kay stays busy visiting her children and five Grand-girls in Pleasanton and Clovis.  She also belongs to a wine group, card groups and is active at her church in Granite Bay.

Kay is getting ready to leave on a road trip to Southern California and then to Arizona, visiting family and friends along the way.  Enjoy your trip!  Thank you also for your three years as Co-chair of the Lincster's Awards team from all of us! 



   January - Flight B - Pat Shafer


Pat moved to LH from the Bay Area in 2003 with her husband, Dick.  She joined the Lincsters in April 2011 and absolutely loves the game and everything about it; especially the wonderful friendships that develop.

Her devotion to the game paid off when she achieved the Most Improved Golfer of the year in 2012.
Pat is involved in MANY activities: singing, dancing and acting, as well as serving on the Lincster's Board as Membership Chair plus helping with the weekly Sweeps.  She once read somewhere that golf meets the three most important criteria in a woman's life: physical, mental and social.  Pat certainly has all three covered. 
Congratulations Pat on January's good golfing !



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