General Information

Membership is open to Lincoln Hills lady residents who have an established 18-hole handicap (5 rounds of 18 holes or 10 rounds of 9 holes  (posted within the past 2 years), has a gross maximum score of 65 or under; and attended the required Lincster Orientation Meeting. If the new member score goes over 65 - 5 "consecutive" times, member will not be able to play with Lincsters until play improves.  It will be suggested that the new member take a golf lesson to help with troubled areas of play.  

Once you are qualified the last requirement is to attend an orientation meeting.

Team shirts and team jackets are optional and are usually worn on General Meeting Days, outside activities when you represent the club, special events, etc. You will be supplied with a name tag to be worn on your home course and away when you represent our club. roper golf attire must be worn at all times. No denim or tank tops are allowed.

Lincster's General Meetings are held the second Wednesday in March, September and December (Holiday Luncheon) before or after golf.  Check the calendar for dates.

The Lincster's play day is Wednesday, 8 a.m.. Shotgun; during winter is 1pm starting Jan. 1. To play, you may sign up on line at:   Sign up by Mon. before golf.Weekly pairings will be posted on line.  You may pay by cash check or credit card. If you need to cancel, you can also do it on line

Updated WNHGA and PWGA handicaps will be automatically emailed to you by the first of each month. If you do not receive this GHIN notification, contact the Handicap Chair.

All players should arrive at the Pro Shop at least 30 minutes prior to tee time. Check in on the Pro Shop: pay fees, enter putts (optional)  Be ready to leave the staging area 10 minutes before the  shotgun; go to your hole; if early, wait to tee off at the designated shotgun time. The practice range is open by 7 a.m. on Wednesday.

 Big/Little Sister Guidelines

  1. Once a prospective new Lincster member has submitted the application, a Big Sister will be identified.

  2. The role of the Big Sister from this point forward will be to help the new Lincster's member (Little Sister) to get to know the Lassie's ways, review rules of golf, and assist the new Lincster's member to become an integral part of the Lincster's play days, meetings, and tournaments.

  3. The Big Sister will also provide assistance with posting golf scores.

  4. The Big Sister will look for opportunities to provide encouragement with the game of golf and find times other than the regular Lassie's play days to play golf or socialize together.

Approved at the May 5, 2010 Lincster's Board Meeting.


ASSIGNED TEE TIMES: all teams tee off on the same hole. SHOTGUN (blast-offs): foursomes are stationed on each of the holes being used, ready to start at the same time. Longer holes may accommodate more than one foursome. These are designated as A and B with A teeing
off before B.

On Wednesday play days, you must post your own PWGA and WNHGA scores. Post every game you play, home and away! Post 18 holes on WNHGA as two nines. It is your responsibility to post. You can post from home ( or at the Pro Shop. Know slope and course rating.   Audits may be performed to check you are posting accurately.


Keep duplicate scorecards to be verified with each other for the score of individual holes, putts and the accuracy of the card.
Turn in two cards for each foursome, containing:
1.    Last name, first name
2.    Gross scores totaled; handicap
3.    Putts totaled for each hole, ONLY if you paid
On the second scorecard, also include the following:
4.    Numbers 1,2 and 3 (above)

5.    Circle any pars, birdies and chip-ins; write "chip-ins" and hole number where appropriate
Both scorecards must be attested (signed) by all four players and turned in immediately to the Pro Shop.

Since we usually play stroke play on Wednesday tournaments, count all your strokes! A whiff is a stroke. Mulligans are not allowed. you must hole out; no gimmies!


PUTTS GAME (optional)
Sign up before play in the Pro Shop; slip $1 in the envelope and sign your initials. The three golfers with the fewest putts will win the "pot". Usually played every week on Wednesday  playday.


The Hole-in-One insurance Program is covered as part of your annual Lincster dues. If you get a hole-in-one on a Lincster play day, it is customary to buy everyone a drink in the Sports Bar. The Hole-in-One Insurance will cover the cost, but coverage is limited to the number of current Lincster's Members x $1.

To keep the play moving along, a group may agree to play "out of order" or ready golf. If you are ready to play and others are not,
hit up or putt out to save time if it is safe.

Lincster's who have hit 10 strokes for more than two holes should pick up and start over at the next hole. You will enter your maximum score for that hole, which is a 10 for the majority of Lincster's. Circle your "adjusted" score to indicate a "pick up score" to the Sweeps Committee. You will not be eligible for sweeps that week, but you can still post your score; THIS WILL KEEP YOUR FOURSOME FROM FALLING BEHIND.

Always, always mark your balls! If you hit the wrong ball it is a two-stroke penalty. Identify your ball markings to your partners before playing. Also, identify your clubs; use address-type labels on clubs with name, address and telephone number OR name, Lincoln Hills Golf Club, 916-543-9200.

The full handicap is deducted from the gross score and players with the lowest net score win. The winners will be posted online. 

If you place, sweeps will be posted to your account, in the proshop and must be used by Dec. 31.

If you would like to play more golf during the month, join theGo Away Girls! Ask your Go Away Captain for details.

The restrooms in the field are generally unlocked. Restrooms are located on the Orchard's  #1, 6 and 13; the Hills #6 and #12: If only two golfers have to stop, have the other twosome go on ahead and tee off. 

Yardage markings are imbedded in the field. Electronic devices are allowed.

Tee off within two club lengths behind the front edges of the tee markers. In stroke play you incur a two-stroke penalty and must then play from within the proper area. Partners: stand outside the tee box as she tees off.  Hit a provisional ball if you think you might not be able to find your ball or it is out of bounds. You will be hitting three.

In stroke play, every stroke counts. You must hole out. However, if you pick up at any time before leaving the putting green, you are disqualified from winning any sweeps. If you pick up, mark your scorecard with a "WD".

Tipping is optional for the outside staff, but $1 is appropriate for a job well done.

To be eligible, you must be a current member of Lassie's or Wincsters; have achieved award, or in the running, during Ladies Day; be accompanied and attested by a Lassie's team member; have turned in second scorecard on the same day of the event; and participate in a minimum of 50 percent actual play days in the calendar year that the award is presented. Some of the awards are as follows:

Will be presented at the Lincster quarterly meetings: BREAK 60,50 PIN: awarded first time event occurs. BIRDIE/EAGLE/CHIP-IN PIN:  awarded once per year to member, per item. Must be circled on the scorecard. GOLFER OF THE MONTH: awarded to the member who has the lowest net for three play days in one month in a  desiginated  flight. Members are only eligible to win once per year.

Will be presented at the Wincster quarterly meetings: CHARM GIRL: WNHGA member who has low net, usually on the last day of the month, will win. Monthly winner will qualify for "Charm Girl Tournament' at the end of the sea¬son, usually in February.

Will be presented at the December Awards Luncheon: MOST IMPROVED GOLFER: awarded to the member who reduces her handicap the most during the year; this award will be presented to one Lincster and one WNHGA member. HOLE IN ONE: sponsored by LHGC and WNHGA and will be presented to any Lincster and any WNHGA member. CAPTAIN'S POINTS: play will occur on one designated day per month, usually the second Wednesday of the month. Points will be awarded to the 10 lowest net scores in descending order: 10,9,8, etc. These points will be accumulated through the year, and the Lincster player with the most points wins this award.

CHARM GIRL: awarded to the Wincster member who wins the "Charm Girl Tournament' at the end of the season. MOST DEDICATED LINCSTER: awarded to the Lincster member who has posted the most scores at LHGC on Lincster's Play day.

MOST DEDICATED WINCSTER: awarded to the member who has posted the most scores anywhere during the year. GOLDEN PUTTER: awarded to the
Lincster who has won first place in the putting contest the most times throughout the year.

PAR/BIRDIE/EAGLE/CHIP-INS: awarded to the Lincsters who have scored the most of each on Lincster's Play day. First second and third places are awarded in each flight.

GRANDMOTHER'S TROPHY: you must be a grandmother, want to be a grandmother or have had a grandmother. You must have a handicap and
have played at least 12 games on Lincster's Play day. A trophy and a plaque will be awarded to the low net participant. Sponsored by
Alyce Stanwood. LINCSTER'S CLUB CHAMPIONSHIP: sponsored by the LHGC and Lincsters, you must have a handicap and have played at least
12 games on Linster's Play day. A trophy and a plaque will be awarded to the low gross participant at the conclusion of the two-day tournament.

TOURNAMENT OF CHAMPIONS: awarded to the Wincster member who wins low gross after three rounds of nine holes; usually 18 holes are
played on the first day and 9 holes on the second day. Awards are also given to the players who have the lowest net score in each flight.

BRING A FRIEND: an invitation to invite a non-Lincster for golf with a feast to follow.

HOME AND HOME: a tournament held with SC Roseville alternating host clubs.

Lincster/XVIII TOURNAMENT: a tournament to help raise funds for cancer, with alternating clubs hosting.

BIG/LITTLE SISTER: a play day with all Big and Little Sisters.

TIN CUP: A tournament with the Lincster's and Wincster Boards. Hosted by  Alyce Stan-wood.



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