The Go Away Lincsters (GAL) and the Monday Mamas play 18 holes of golf on the first four Mondays of each month.  There is no play on holiday Mondays or a fifth Monday of a month.

On the first and third Monday of each month, GAL travels to different courses within our geographic area that are less than one-hour driving distance from Lincoln.  GAL has designated play date Captains who decide which course we will be playing and coordinate play date details with GAL Captain Bev Johnson.  See the “GAL Play Date Procedures” below for more details.   If you would like more information please contact Bev Johnson at

The Monday Mamas usually play Turkey Creek on the second Monday and Lincoln Hills on the fourth Monday of each month.   Margie Jewett makes the tee times and coordinates play day details.  She may ask one of the players to coordinate play day details in her absence.   If you would like more information please contact Margie Jewett at 

To sign up a guest for a GAL or Monday Mama playday, use the procedures on the GAL/Mama page on the website.   Under “comments” note that the person you are signing up is a guest of (name of Lincster). However, due to a limited number of spaces on these playdays you may not sign up a guest until after the signup deadline (Friday noon), and only if there is space available at that time.

GAL Play Day Sign Up

To Cancel Contact the Play Day Captain and Someone in your Foursome

GAL Play Day Procedures     GAL Play Day Calendar

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