Golf Course Selection – 

The course you select should be less than one-hour driving distance from Lincoln. Some of the courses we have played include Teal Bend, Diamond Oaks, Cherry Island, Plumas Lake, Antelope Greens, Wood Creek, Auburn Valley, Timber Creek and et al. The course selection is always your choice.

Tee Times –

Make 3 to 4 tee times. Some courses are willing to accommodate us 10 days ahead because it is good business during the slower winter months.

Notify me via e-mail @ providing me with the following information:

  • The name of the golf course
  • Location
  • Tee times
  • Green fees

 Once I have that information, an email is sent to all Lincsters to check the website for sign ups 


Final Schedule –

On the Friday before the play day, you should send an email to the players reminding them to check the website for their designated tee time. Also, remind them if they need to cancel, as a courtesy, they should contact you and someone in their foursome.

On the play day it is best that the captain play in the last team time in order to assist with any problems if they arise.  You will take a list of the players and tee times to the golf course to help coordinate with the golfers and with the pro shop.

Captain Substitutions –

In the event you find that the date you have selected does not work, please call another play day captain on the schedule to switch dates.    

I hope this answers most of your questions. However, when it is your turn to plan a play day, feel free to give me a call if you have any questions. 


Thanks again...Looking forward to a great year of golfing and fun with the girls!

Barbara Gorden

2017 Go Away Co-Coordinator



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