modified 6/21/2018


LH Lincsters must have played 12 postable Lincster Playday rounds a year to be eligible to participate in the Club Championship. For this event only, the calendar year runs from Sept. 1 of the past year to July 31 of the current year.

LH Lincsters also belonging to any 18-hole golf group must declare that LH Lincsters is their Primary Club at the beginning of each year. The “Declaration for Being a Member of Another 18-Hole Golf Group” form must be submitted to the Membership Chair at the beginning of each year. The deadline to submit is Jan. 31 of the current year. If submitted after Jan. 31, their Primary Club will be the 18-hole club.


The tournament will be held on two consecutive Wednesday Playdays in August. The first week in August is excluded to guarantee that the handicaps for August are applied. Any player with a scorecard discrepancy results in disqualification. Pairings are by course handicaps within flight for each day, except for some players with tournament responsibilities. Pars, Birdies and Chip-ins are eligible for Annual Awards, but no Putt Pool or Closest to the Pin on either day will be available. Each player must post her own rounds as “Home” rounds.

PLAY ONLY: If a LH Lincster does not “qualify” to participate in the Club Championship and if there is room available, she may play as a non-competitive participant and follow the field. She must record and post her own score. She must contact the Club Championship Chair to register. She must pay Sweeps but will not be eligible to win Sweeps; however, Pars, Birdies and Chip-ins will count towards Annual Awards.


1.   Winners may only win in one category.

2.   Club Champion winner who has the lowest two-day gross score of the field.

3.   “A”, “B”, “C” & “D” Flights: The lowest two-day net score in each flight will be flight winners.

4.   Should there be a tie, the winners will be determined by a “card-off”. The technique used to break ties using the scorecard from the second day is as follows: The player with the lowest score on the highest-rated handicap hole wins. If the players are still tied, then the scores are compared on the second, then third, etc. highest-rated handicap hole and continues on until there is no tie.



1.  Income:

     Tournament Entry Fees, Sweeps ($3 x 2 days x participants) and no more than $400 from Lincsters’ Club Championship Budget.

2.   Payouts:

      — Sweeps must be from Pro Shop Gift Cards, $6 each participant.

      — Tee Prizes from $400 Club Championship Budget.

— Trophy and plaque expenses are included in the Lincster Awards Budget.

      — One Club Champion, 30% of Sweeps; Four First-Place-Low Net Flighted Winners, 15% of  Sweeps.

— Club Champion is presented with a trophy and a plaque with her name engraved on it (which is displayed in the Pro Shop).


NOTE: If situations arise beyond the Lincsters’ control, the Club Captain(s) and Tournament Chair may modify this procedure as necessary.

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